Becoming a Bookseller

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You can apply to become a book seller through Spring Arbor (click here to print the application).

  • A Spring Arbor account could be used for more than just TUMI Required Textbooks.  A church or organization could purchase books for their library, gift/award bibles, or Bible study/small group/Sunday School/VBS materials.
  • Spring Arbor is the division of Ingram Book Company that works with Christian retailers. An account with Spring Arbor gives you access to Ingram's complete active catalog of several million books.
  • Spring Arbor's discount is about 40% off the cover price.  You may contact them directly about bulk order discounts.
  • The minimum order quantity for free freight is 15 books.  If the minimum order quantity is not met then there is a flat rate of $4.
  • There is no start-up fee but there is an annual order minimum of $2,000.
  • It takes about three days for the account to be approved.
  • Once the account is approved you have online access to the entire catalog.

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