Bulk Order Discounts from Publisher

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When ordering from the publisher, you must contact them directly to get their latest pricing.  If it is unclear who to call, you can look up the customer service contact at their website.

  • Find out about shipping costs, and determine if sales tax will be included (a state sales tax exempt certificate helps you avoid this cost).
  • In most cases you need to set up an account with them.
  • The current publishers and their pricing information is current as of January 2012, but is subject to change at any time.  The books listed with each publisher are current but can change from time to time (always check the website for the latest books).
  • These discounts are only if you agree not to resell the books (i.e. you are buying the books on behalf of the student and not making a profit).

Click here to get a full print out of the publishers and their contact information.

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