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I have started brainstorming some ideas for reaching out to some of the area pastors about TUMI. I was thinking how helpful it would be to have a brief DVD presentation by Dr. Davis about TUMI that could be played to pastors we schedule meetings with. When I attended the session for new satellites, one of the concerns expressed was the barrier of overcoming other pastors being "suspicious" of TUMI coordinators/pastors trying to steal their members. I thought a "neutral" presentation might help over come that. Does anything like that exist?

Along the same lines above, is there a brief video presentation that a church can show it's members that might be candidates for TUMI - sort of like the brief spots that come with workshops, etc. that are out there. Is there anything like that?

I've linked you to his presentation on our site that we created to handle both of these questions -- this gives the overall picture of what we are doing and why, and the principles apply to both pastors and students.  For A New Generation: Multiplying Laborers for the Urban Harvest.

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