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I have been talking with a prospective student who asked if we would accept any of his theological studies toward completion of a certificate with us. He said he could get me a transcript if we needed it. Do we have a policy on accepting credits from other institutions?

Under certain circumstances, TUMI National does allow students to transfer credits for previous work done from other training institutions, up to and no more than eight (8) credits for the Certificate program, and up to an additional (6) for the Diploma program, totaling fourteen (14).  Click here to follow the steps to process student requests for transfer of credit.

Note: the Certificate for completing the Capstone Curriculum (Certificate in Christian Leadership Studies) must be completed in order to qualify for the TUMI/Tabor Associate of Arts Degree in Urban Ministry.  Transfer credits may apply to the CLS Certificate, but not completing Capstone in its entirety will effect qualification for the AA program.


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