Can I use the TUMI (sword) logo for our satellite resources?

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Can we use the TUMI Sword Logo for our satellite resources?

Our TUMI Sword Logo is the logo we use to represent TUMI International and all the various things we do. We ask that you do NOT use that logo. As a satellite, you are able to use our TUMI academic seal logo (which is also what we use at TUMI National to represent our training).  Please remember that the use of our logo indicates that a satellite is an authorized user of our educational programming and materials.  Use of the logo, however, in no way endorses other activities, policies, or communication unique to any TUMI satellite. 

Uses of this satellite logo for any purpose other than that listed above is prohibited.  The use of this logo by a satellite is invalid without the written delineation of the site’s name and location attached to it (e.g., “The Urban Ministry Institute of Los Angeles”, or, “The Pastoral Training Center of Philadelphia”).

Download our logo in the format you prefer:

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