What module should we start with?

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I heard several people at the TUMI Summit say that we should our teaching at our site with Module 5: Bible Interpretation, instead of Module 1. Is this your recommendation?

We leave it completely up to the sites. A couple of sites have said that they should have done Mod 5 first, to help their students know how to better study Scripture, but that being said, the assignments for writing papers are pretty clear in each module.  We encourage each site to go in the order they prefer, as we don't assume to know your students or what might be important for you to start with.

Here in Wichita, we started with Module 1 and have cycled through all 16 modules in order (this is what we decided to do) and are on our 2nd time through here.  Students come and go based on their own schedules of life and ministry, so the students we have now, are not what we had two modules ago. We just keep offering courses, and eventually the ones who missed previous modules will get a chance to take those on the next go around.

This truly is a preference thing.

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