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A Helpful Resource
We are completing our Fall Session with Module 5, Bible Interpretation, and have thoroughly been stretched, enlightened and encouraged with insights and tools for enhancing our handling of Scripture as well as deepening our appreciation for God's Word.  

One of the topics that did raise some questions recently related to the variety and distinctives of the translations available today.  I located on the International Bible Society website (www.biblica.com or www.ibs.org) several helpful resources that might be beneficial to other students.  These included an overview of translation philosophies and also a brief description of several current translations.  (Obviously this is from an NIV perspective but still helpful.)

A couple of other fascinating papers included on their website are "Bible, Babel and the Babble" which is a history of the development of the Bible and "It's all Greek to Me" which goes into detail about the translation process with some very helpful examples.

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