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Does TUMI have an "official" policy for students who want to audit a TUMI class?  Are they charged a fraction of the tuition, do the only pay for materials if they want them?  If they do audit a class are they able to then take it again later for credit?  We've been seeing more people lately interested in auditing, but wanted to get input from you guys about how to handle that.

Here at TUMI national, auditing is not a diminished version of class.  We strongly urge anyone who takes a class to participate fully in the class, the only difference is that their work is not graded.  A student who audits is a STUDENT who audits.  Which means they pay their normal student tuition and fees, purchase the necessary materials for that class, and participate fully in the class -- the only difference is that they do not need to turn in their work, and their work is not graded.  And yes, the student can take the class for credit at a later date.

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