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Some months ago you sent me some web page links of articles/information for the colleges that I've been interacting with for thier degree completion recognition. I have meetings with both colleges in the next two weeks and I'm wondering if you would be so kind as to send me those links again?

I will certainly refer both college leaders to Dr. Davis for further questions. I've got some students who are eager to take their training to the next level so I'm hoping that interest will move the administrative machinery in these schools along a little more proactively. I have good relationships with both colleges and the responsible personnel (even went to college with one way back in Noah's time), so I'm hoping this kind of linkabe may be useful to TUMI in general and to our students more locally.

It is exciting to hear what is going on there. I've linked you to the files above.  We look forward to hearing how these meetings turn out.

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