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Shipping Deadline
Orders placed by noon on Monday will ship on Tuesday. Orders placed by 8:00am on Wednesday will ship Thursday.

Expedited Shipping
Packages typically arrive within a week after they ship. If you need to receive it by a certain date and time, please follow these steps:
1) Place your order as soon as possible. We need time to pack and process your order; the longer you wait the more expensive it will be.
2) Go through the checkout process. In the Note section on the last page of checkout, provide the following information:
a) Both the date and time when you need to receive the package.
b) How much extra (in addition to what you already paid) you are willing to pay for faster shipping.
3) We will review your shipping options. If we can meet your deadline and your price we will contact you and automatically process and ship your order. If not, we will contact you and advise you of your options.
4) After we process your order we will we will provide you with instructions on how to pay for the additional shipping charges.

Please Note:

  • In addition to the extra shipping charges, there is a $15 service charge for rush processing.
  • We will ship to the shipping address on your order unless you specify an alternate address.
  • Please monitor your email until we contact you to confirm your express shipping. If we cannot meet your time and price, we will not ship the order until we hear from you. The longer it takes the more expensive it gets.
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