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There are a variety of vendors and options for purchasing Required Textbooks, and finding the best deal will require you to do your homework in each case, but there are a few guidelines that can guide you find the best deal:


  • The list of Required Texts changes periodically.  Make sure you refer to the website for the latest books required for the module you are preparing to offer.
  • is often the simplest way to purchase books, but they are not always the cheapest.  If you pay to get Amazon Prime, you will not pay for shipping costs.
  • Wipf and Stock Publishers carries some of the books, even some offered at  They offer a 40% discount for orders of five or more (but only if you phone in your order).
  • You can become a book reseller, making you eligible for discounts on books.  However, you need to keep in mind that there may shipping costs and sales tax (unless you have a sales tax exemption certificate for your state) on top of the prices they offer (see more information below).
  • You can find many of the books as used books at Amazon and other sites, but you often have to purchase them one at a time.  The quality of the books can be uncertain until they arrive.
  • You can order books directly from the publisher and get a discount when you order various quantities (see more information below).  When you do this, you may have to pay for shipping and sales tax (unless you have a sales tax exemption certificate in your state). Before ordering, you should compare the total cost from a publisher with because sometimes Amazon is cheaper, even with the publisher discount.
  • When you buy from, TUMI national receives a percentage of your order each time you enter through the and click on the Amazon icon at the bottom of the home page.
  • NextStep Resources offers many of the books (especially the Spanish ones), but does not always update their list to match the official list.  TUMI does not have an official relationship with NextStep, so we cannot guarantee their pricing or book availability.
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