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I received my new software license CD of Quickbooksin my new satellite welcome package from Rev. Allsman but cannot seem to locate the template for Quickbooks. Can you tell me where that is located?

You can find the information that is pasted below on our "Hello, New TUMI Sites" page that is accessible through the Satellite Gateway. This page links you to a plethora of helpful information that you will need as you establish your satellites.

Even though you probably also received a template in your welcome package, the template on our website will always be the most up-to-date template. We have created this TUMI Quickbooks Template that you can load after you install Quickbooks. This file will give you the created forms for invoicing and receipting your students and includes the latest pricing for TUMI resources. Please follow the TUMI Quickbooks Instruction Booklet (link below) for loading the TUMI Quickbooks template file and creating your own invoices and receipts for students.

  • Quickbooks 2008 Instruction Booklet: This should be printed out double-sided and folded in half  in order to read as a booklet.
  • Quickbooks 2008 Template: Follow the instructions in your Quickbooks 2008 Instruction Booklet for loading this file into your Quickbooks Software Program.  PLEASE NOTE: When loading this template into Quickbooks, you will be asked for a password. Please type in Site (the password is case sensitive) to continue. Once your new template is in your system you will be able to change the password to one you would like to use. [Select "Company" from your top toolbar, the select "Set Up Users and Passwords", and from the flyout box select "Change Your Password" and follow the instructions to do so].  PLEASE NOTE: If you are having trouble with your 2008 TUMI template accepting the "Site" password, this could be that you have used the template from a CD versus the template located here.  You will need to delete the old template and start over with this template in order to get the password to work.
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