My student's schedules are busy, can I change our schedules?

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Several of the students at our site are very busy with ministry and family and job with little time to spare.  Would it be okay for us to alter some of their assignments (say 2 page paper instead of 5) to help ease the pressure they are feeling trying to work out their schedules?

Unfortunately, all students everywhere, especially those serving Christ in the city, will have time oriented challenges.  We strongly urge all our satellites to follow the syllabus requirements and to keep assignement protocols and regimens of discipline and preparation.  While real emergencies will demand flexibility in how assignments are handled, for the most part, ongoing work should retain its pace and demand.  TUMI simulates and is seminary training; pressure and challenge are built in to this kind of study preparation.

Of course, students do have options if they are under time pressure.  They may elect not to take a class if their schedule is too busy, or they may choose to simply audit it, where desire and time clash!  But, all things being equal, we advise you neither to amend nor change your basic syllabic standards of student preparation in any of your satellite courses.  Students should be trained to handle adversity and manage time better; or, mentors may elect under legitimate circumstances to give an incomplete, and let the students finish the work later.  But, we ought not change our standards on the basis of such a common challenge: student time pressure.  By definition, no student has ever had enough time to do his or her work they way they wanted to!

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