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OpenOffice is free software that is available worldwide and is compatible with the Microsoft Suite. You can install OpenOffice on as many computers as you wish. If you oversee international satellite locations, OpenOffice can be installed at these sites in their native language.   Click on the link below to install Open Office on your computer.

    The table on this page contains downloads for many languages and computer operating systems. The top row lists several different operating systems. Hover over the column with your operating system (most users have Windows Intel). Now, move your mouse down that column until your language is highlighted. Click on the Download link at the intersection of your operating system and your language. Your browser will then begin the download process.
  • Please note that the installation of OpenOffice may take 5-30 minutes. For best results, close all programs before installing OpenOffice.

Our approved software for transcripts is both OpenOffice and Microsoft Excel.  We have created templates in both English and Spanish (in Excel format) that you may use to record and print out grades for your students. You may open the Excel template within the Microsoft suite (obviously) or within OpenOffice Calc. When you save the document, it will save it as an OpenOffice file. You may continue to edit and save as you add classes and grades to your students transcripts.

We have revised this template so sites will only need to enter new course numbers one time to a "courses" file that is linked to all of the transcripts.  For example, with the new template, if you host a site developed course called, "Ministering Effectively to Gangs" which is numbered C2-731, you will only need to enter the course number, course title, department area and credit amount in the currrent course file.  Then when you type in the course number in any transcript, the information will automatically fill in.

You can still use older versions of the transcript template; the only issue is that you will need to enter the course number, title, department area and credit amount for every site developped course you teach in to every transcript of every student that takes that course.  The new template allows you to enter the new course number only one time for all of your students that take the course.

Download the template files and courses file to the same folder location (where you plan to put all of your student transcripts). In order for the transcript template to work, the "Courses" file must be in the same folder as any transcript you create (the files are linked). You may rename your transcript files (Save the template as the name of a student "save as" and then fill in the student's information and save the file). DO NOT RENAME THE "Courses_master_2003" file as it is linked directly to both the English and Spanish Transcript Template.

In order to add courses to the "Courses" file, open the courses file, right click and insert line where you want to add the course number, title and credit amount.

  1. Place your cursor in and click in the first cell and type in the course number
  2. Tab to the next cell and insert the course title
  3. Tab to the next cell and type in the department area letters for the course (e.g. BS for Biblical Studies, TE for Theology and Ethics; CM for Christian Ministry, or UM for Urban Mission)
  4. Tab to the next cell and type in the credit amount for this course.  Save the file and you are ready to enter that course number in your transcripts.

We have also edited the Transcript Letterhead background to fit the new transcript design.

After you save the appropriate template(s) to your computer, in order to edit the transcript template, please note the following:

  • In order to change the satellite name, click in the A column, #2 and type in your site name.
  • The courses numbers and titles are programmed into these templates. Click on the "courses" file to see the course numbers for the courses you would like to enter in a student transcript.
  • If you would like to add a course to the courses file, see the instructions above.

Additional Satellite Transcript Information Files

BACKUP of your Transcripts: It is important to backup your files in case of computer issues. Lost files are difficult to recreate.  We offer as a free service to our satellites, the opportunity for you to save a backup of your students transcripts to our server. Your transcript files must be zipped and placed into a folder. You may uploaded these with your quarterly reports to TUMI (specific instructions for this are on the Site Report Form).BACKUP YOUR TRANSCRIPTS

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