Quiz 1, question #4: Which is the right answer?

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Question #4 - The theory that the Holy Spirit selected gifted people of deep spiritual wisdom to write the Bible is called ______________

The correct answer given is:  Intuition or Natural Theory

In our class of 21 students, 11 of them wrote:  Illumination Theory.

Checking in the manual page 36 described all these theories.  There are three points that explain each theory.  This question focused on only the first point under Intuition or Natural Theory and the question quotes this point exactly.  However, if you read down to read only the first point under Illumination Theory it says, "The Holy Spirit heightened the normal capacities of human authors."  In the video lecture, Dr. Davis added that "the Holy Spirit gave them extraordinary abilities".  This may not be exactly the same but it is very close.  We did not feel right about grading the answer Illumination Theory wrong.  


We commend you for trying to help your students discern what might be the correct answer. But that is not how to take tests. The students must first is to replicate answers from material, this is their first duty. As long as they understand that they are fine. Tests are designed to force students to remember particular statements, ideas, words, and associations that were covered in previous material. These questions are deliberately deceptive. They are not designed for students to roam around until they guess a correct answer. The first response of the student is to prove that they understand the material by citing the correct answer as covered in the material.

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