Quiz 2, Question 4: Can "humility" be an answer too?

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Question # 4 - The key attitude we need as we seek to apply the Bible's meaning to our lives is ______________________

The correct answer given is:  Liberty in Christ

In our class of 21 students, 10 of them wrote:  Humility.

Checking in the manual on page 71 we read that the key attitude needed when 'Understanding the Original Situation' is humility;  page 74 - the key attitude needed when 'Discovering and Drawing Out General Principles is thoroughness; page 77 - the key attitude needed for 'Applying the Principle to Life' is Liberty in Christ.  Of these three words, only 'humility' seems to be an attitude. Thoroughness' is really a procedure; ' Liberty in Christ' is really a concept.  It would seem that the attitude of humility is one that should be applied to each part of performing the Three Step Method.  To carry the thought a little further, it might be safe to say that the procedure of 'thoroughness' and the concept of ' Liberty in Christ' could also be applied to each part of the Three Step Method.  Here again, we did not feel right about grading the answer 'humility' wrong.



It might help you to know that we are not teaching words, we are teaching concepts.  Teachers should emphasize the concepts.   The students and teachers can differentiate between what the material says and what they believe is true. But, they should be able to write down on the test what the material says is true. It is important for instructors to distinguish between what the student thinks is right and what is covered in the material. The student should focus on answering the question, according to the materials first.   They can then discuss the merit of that answer.  When Don teaches he ensures that the students absolutely understand the difference between the answer being sought and the validity of that answer. The student can call into question the material (which can lead to great discussion), but the answer is what they should know and articulate on the test.

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