Colossians 1:13-18 Jesus' Exaltation

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Let God Arise! Prayer Guide - Spiritual Warfare Series, #10: Our theme for this year is The Battle is the Lord’s, a part of a speech little boy David made to Goliath as the armies of God and the Philistines met each other on the day of battle (cf. 1 Sam. 17.45-47). Little David, one who is neither trained by the military or even invited to the fight, winds up the champion of Israel! On a simple errand to find out how his brothers were doing in the fight, David is catapulted to the very pinnacle of war–the representative champion of the armies of God. Truly, this story has been a wonderful and insightful backdrop to our themes, observances, and foci this year, not only in our Let God Arise! Series, but our ongoing community life as well.


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