Module 8, Final, Question #7

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Question #7 of the Final for Module 8 gives a wrong answer.  One portion of the answer should be "to consummate his kingdom", which is in the video and text book, the answer page says "to establish his kingdom".

The word consummate means to complete and establish means to set up or start so they are not interchangeable.  Just thought you'd like to know.

The reader of this question is assuming too much in his own definitions of these terms.  Of course they can be used as synonyms for one another, especially in terms of the final establishment/consummation of his Kingdom.  It is important to not adopt what academics call a nominalist approach to theology, meaning, each word can have one and only one meaning attached to it.  His reading is correct, these may not necessarily mean the same thing, but, in the context of the class, they certainly do.  It is not prudent to parse these terms too closely, or we could only use a term univocally, that is, in one and only one sense.  Capstone would be a modest 100,000 pages, not its lean 10,000 now.

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