Quiz #3, Question #6. Story Theology

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Quiz #3 - Lesson 3
Question #6 - Which of the following is NOT TRUE about story theology?

a.  Stories produce theology
b.  Stories are more important than facts.
c.  Stories produce ritual and sacrament.
d.  All of the above are true.

The correct answer given is:  d. All of the above are true.

If the question is read correctly, the correct answer is not even given as a choice.  Checking page 142 in the manual, a list of the key propositions of Story Theology is given.  Choices 'a', 'b' and 'c' above are all true.  So if the student select 'd' as the answer, he/she is really saying that 'd' is NOT TRUE.  It doesn't make sense!  It's difficult to grade a question that is logically inconsistent. It was certainly confusing to the students.

These are called detractors for a reason. Logic is not at issue here.  The students need to understand the concept. They should ask, "Are all of the statements true," and, "is d a correct answer." They are deliberately written in such a way as to force the students to think. Is "d" correct or not. A key part of the mentor's role is helping the students think about the concepts that are taught in each course.

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