Dr. Davis' testimony (Jehovah's Witness vs. Christianity)

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Dr. Davis, I am mentoring Capstone's "God the Son" module.  I heard that you came out of a Jehovahs Witness background. Can you please share a few points with us that led you to ultimately come to Christ and reject the JW church?

Ultimately the decisive factor in making the shift from JW to Evangelical faith was Christology. Christology is the proverbial heart of all theological dialogue.  Their errors (Arianism) which lowered Christ to the status of the archangel Michael and a created being devastated their understanding of God's salvation. They are insecure in their vision of salvation because it is not God who died for them but an angel who simply "starts the ball rolling".  Jesus gives you a canoe and a paddle and tells you to row as hard as you can until the very end. That is why JW's are so zealous; their very redemption depends on their ability to be faithful to the end. It was amazing grace when I heard about what the God man Jesus did for us. I've been baskin' in liberty ever since!

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