Symbolism for communion

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I was wondering what the symbolism stands for in the lighting and extinguishing of the candles during the worship serve. And also the liturgy of the Lord's Supper and of the lighting/extinguishing of the candles?

Candles have always been connected to Christian worship.  This is based largely on their presence in Jewish worship.  The lampstand was a part of the furniture in the holy place.  Candles were a part of Jewish/synagogue worship.  The Lampstand, along with the showbread, altar of incense are all typological emblems of Jesus Christ:  Christ is the light, Christ is the bread, and Christ is our intercessor.

While these things are important, the history of candles (votive, altar, and sanctuary) is dominant is centuries old practice all associated with Christ as the light, etc.   There is nothing weird or magical about candles they simply been associated with Christian worship, emblematic, suggestive of Christ as the light, the church is the light of the world, the spirit of the humankind is a candle of the Lord (in proverbs).

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