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As Dr. Davis mentioned at our Satellite Summit this past February, it appears that Tabor is willing to offer TUMI students throughout our entire network of satellites the possibility of pursuing an A.A. degree from Tabor College for those who complete the Capstone Curriculum.

Dr. Davis met with Dr. Jonathan Grubbs, a professor and administrator from Tabor College in charge of their Adult Education program, who confirmed that their first round of leadership has agreed on the possibility of creating an Associates degree in partnership with World Impact. This will be a first for Tabor College, which has not offered an Associates degree before, but with this Tabor/TUMI degree will now begin to offer several in other subjects as well.

The best thing about this AA degree is that it will require nothing from our ministry, other than what our satellites are doing currently; their students will simply have to matriculate through and complete our Capstone Curriculum.  Students who do this will then have the option to enroll in the TUMI/Tabor Adult education program and work towards an Associate of Arts Degree in Urban Ministry that requires 62 total credit hours.  This program will be entirely ran and operated by Tabor College, with no involvement or contribution needed from TUMI at all.  TUMI graduates who enroll in the AA program will be able to access traditional financial aid sources to complete the degree.  These hours will be broken up as follows:

  • 24 credit hours are given for TUMI Capstone Curriculum completion
  • 10 credit hours can be earned for urban ministry practicum
  • 30 credit hours for required core curriculum courses (with only 15 of these having to be completed from Tabor College, all of which will be accessible on-line)

Once all the details are completed, you will only need to direct your students to the opportunity for your TUMI graduates, and Tabor will then walk them through their protocol.   While not all of our graduates will take advantage of this, it is dramatically affirming to see how our Capstone training is seen in traditional Christian liberal arts college settings.  This is remarkable; only 15 hours need to be taken online; our students across the country will be able to get credit from local junior college general education requirement courses, if they choose to do so.  This is a great opportunity! We will keep you posted on progress.

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