Can you explain the Great Tradition?

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The Great Tradition represents that evangelical, apostolic, and catholic core of Christian faith and practice embraced and affirmed as authoritative by Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican, and Protestant traditions.  It covers the span roughly from the time of the apostles to the middle of the sixth century, rougly from 100-500 C.E. It is a rich legacy of the once-for-all-faith delivered to the Church from the apostles, and embodies the confession of what the Church has always believed, along with the worship and mission that the ancient, undivided Church celebrated and embodied.  From the Great Tradition we received the Apostolic Tradition, i.e., the authoritative canon and source of all Christian faith, the Scriptures, the ecumenical councils, with their true teaching regarding our Triune God and the work of Christ.  Furthermore, we also gain great insight as to how the church can honor and glorify God in the midst of a wicked and godless society.  TUMI seeks to retrieve this great treasure, to contextualize the Great Tradition, and make it applicable in the context of the urban environment for the urban church.

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